This idea has grown out of my awareness of environmental concerns. Therefore, I propose a stool for life addressing these issues by creating a piece of sustainable furniture which has interchangeable elements set within a frame, evolving and changing through the owner’s life cycle
Stool is a companion for life. The interchangeable domes have created an ever-changing object that evolves and grows with the owner. It adapts to needs, aesthetics changes, and life stages. The emotion embedded into the design and its interactions has created a conversational piece intended to be an heirloom full of sentiment and emotional value.
Sustainability is at the core of the design; all materials have been selected to be environmentally conscious and durable. No parts are permanently fixed together which means its components can be recycled or reused individually. The natural properties of selected materials can be utilised to create unique experiences throughout life’s stages. For example, formed colourful recycled plastic for playfulness, ash for natural warmness, cork for organic softness or felt for comfort.
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